Dinner Event at Darul-Hijra Mosque

to unite Ummah

Darul Hijra Islamic Center invited and held a dinner event for all mosques in GTA managed by Somalis and prominent community members. Alhamdulillah, most of the mosques accepted the invitation and came to the dinner with a good spirit to open a new page of reconciliation, cooperation and to serve the Ummah in a united front. Mosques also agreed to continue the efforts to reach out other mosques and unite the Ummah.

Mosques came to the dinner were Masjid Khalid Mosque(Said Omar and Sh. Abukar), Masjid Al-Rowdah(Sh. Bashir, Masjid Bin Abbas(Sh. Bashir), Masjid Abu Huraira(Sh. Mohamed Hassan)

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