About Us

Darul-Hijra Islamic Centre (DHIC) is owned and operated by Canadian Muslim Heritage Association (CMHA), a non-profit charitable organization. Since its inception in 2007, Darul-Hijra has taken great care to fulfill its mission of cultivating and educating the Toronto Muslim community. By the grace of Allah, the Centre was blessed to receive tremendous and profound moral and material support from the Muslim community, as well as, hard-working volunteers.  In 2008, a property at 2050 Kipling Ave in Etobicoke was purchased for Ca$2.94 million and was fully paid off in 2012. Even though the property has been paid off, Alhamdulilah, our efforts shouldn’t stop there.


We are now going into the second phase of renovating and modernizing the property to create a fully functional and multipurpose Islamic Community Center with all the facilities needed by the community, including prayer halls, library, fully segregated males and females gym, tutoring classrooms, funeral services room, standard basketball court, Eid prayer Halls, etc.


We ask of you to assist Darul-Hijra Islamic Centre in this endeavor by donating generously, volunteering, spreading the word and so forth. No matter how small the donation is, your help is always needed and the reward from Allah is always greater.

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